About Us

Founded in 2018, the Center City Chamber Orchestra (CCCO) is a vibrant new ensemble in the musical life of Philadelphia and beyond. With a community-oriented approach to gathering and accessible concertizing, we establish new possibilities for the role of an orchestra in its surrounding community—eliminating preconceived notions about how an orchestral concert has to function and what conventions are followed. We hold forward thinking strategies of programming in the highest regard, playing music that is not heard in concert halls elsewhere. We are proud to be a product of our city—Philadelphia—which we represent in many ways—through our diverse personnel, promotion of local artists and community partnerships, choice of venue for acoustical and functional efficacy, and emphasis on connecting with our audiences through the removal of traditional barriers.

Since 2022, the CCCO has been the Ensemble-in-Residence at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in West Philadelphia, in addition to giving frequent, ongoing performances at Trinity Memorial Church, Philadelphia Ethical Society, Settlment Music School, among other venues.

Mission Statement

The Center City Chamber Orchestra (CCCO) redefines the orchestra’s role in a community through inclusive and welcoming concert experiences, support of local artists through commissions and collaborations, and imaginative, non-traditional programming.

Vision Statement

We envision a world where high quality orchestral music is socially equitable, representative of its surrounding community, and relevant to the everyday lives of young people.


  • Davey Hiester, Music Director
  • Immanuel Mykyta-Chomsky,
    Assistant Conductor
  • Jordan Brooks,


  • Davey Hiester, President*
  • Zebadiah Coombs,
    Vice President of Artistic Planning*
  • David Ortiz,
    Artistic Advisor*
  • Olivia Hiester,
    Creative Design Director*

* Indicates Executive Board Member