Music Director's Statement

August 28, 2022

Dear CCCO Community,

I write with gratitude for your support of our Spring 2022 Season—our first concerts since 2020 and our largest productions yet.

Between three concerts in April and May, we’ve performed the music of fifteen composers and orchestrators, doubled our per-concert operating budget from previous years, been named Ensemble-in-Residence at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in West Philadelphia, and also performed our first commission and world premiere at Trinity Memorial Church in Center City. CCCO has initiated partnerships with eight businesses and organizations in the city and our audiences have multiplied.

Apart from all the accomplishments and growth as an organization and performing ensemble, there is one question that I often grapple with. People who are less familiar with the group will ask me, “Why CCCO?”

Our mission and vision statement stand to answer this question, but in my heart there is so much more. I almost want to tell people, “You just have to be there. Come to our shows or join us to perform.” CCCO is a different kind of feeling on a deep level, something beyond expression through words. The way we’ve been able to connect with each other in the orchestra, and with our larger community, bringing new audiences to our concerts is phenomenal. Seeing is believing, and our intent is for you, reading this right now, to soon see for yourself what makes the CCCO special.

We’re developing new ventures and plans that I am eager to share even more of with you. I am excited to share the forthcoming announcement of our next season, our Summer 2023 plans, and new goals for the organization’s growth. As we continue to grow, I hope that you will join us on this journey.

Together in Music,

Davey Hiester